Thursday, March 16, 2006

our life on a side table

We have to call them something other than 'coffee' tables in our house because we don't drink coffee.

Yesterday I needed to clean. Not sure if that was the'nesting instinct' thing or sheer willpower because I couldn't stand the mess can decide.

Anyways I looked at the objects on the side table and here's what I saw...

my Bible and journal
the baby quilt I am currently working on
a quarter
2 books (The Explosive Child and Solving Your Child's Sleep Problems)

I had to ponder that little vignette because it was a stark picture of what drives our lives right now.

- the Kingdom of God and His purposes are the underlying reason why we do anything at all and give us the strength to keep going even when we're wiped out (which we are)
- the impending birth of our little one - coming soon to a maternity ward near you
- work that earns income - we own our own business so if we don't work, we don't have income, it feels like that's ALL we are doing lately - being self-employed is sometimes difficult because there is are sick benefits, holiday pay or time off.
- our 2 sons (#2 and #4) are making life difficult. #2 exhausts us during the day with trying to head off explosions and understand what's going on with him, #4 exhausts us at night because he has really bad sleep problems and always has (we've tried pretty much everything so please don't give us any new suggestions - just pray that God will show us what will work)

And that's our life in a nutshell, or rather, on the side table.......


Nin said...

my coffee tables....are definately, COFFEE tables.
decaf, for the time being. ;)

CWG said...

HEY, you could call them Tea Tables in your house.....LOL
Holly :)

BayouMaMa2 said...

Hey...your "coffee" table certainly sounds a lot neater than mine! LOL! This is baby #6, right? I'd love to have more children...but I'm not sure if I have the stamina for it. I'm fatigued 80 percent of the time. The other 20 percent I'm playing "catch-up." God bless you FlowerLady! I pray that you are able to get some refreshing rest. {{Hugs!}}

flowerlady said...

Hey, a zillion kids isn't for everyone. I can't imagine working full time anymore (used to do that) 4 kids and work is exhausting too. everyone has something different on their plate...mine's just full of kids...