Sunday, May 25, 2008

1000 gifts

I have to admit my frustration levels have been a little over the top lately. My cup has not been full and I have not been a good example of a godly woman lately. I've been bursting at the seams with problems and issues that need resolution and no idea how to resolve them. The trying and striving have been uppermost. And in the midst of this I've been teaching a women's Sunday School class and this morning I felt like the Lord wanted me to teach about grace. Grace to be Mary and Martha, grace to fail, grace to be weak and grace to not be perfect. I was convicted that my motivation in cleaning my house and correcting my children wasn't necessarily for their benefit but my own desire to look good. So I repent. In an effort to refocus my heart I want to count my blessings. Reminders of the gifts of grace that God gives me each and every day. To read more about 1000 gifts you can go to Holy Experience (link in the sidebar) who has encouraged many in this effort of gratitude.

So it begins:

1. I am thankful for my husband who has great taste in shoes! (I realized that the best pairs of shoes I've purchased in the last year are the ones he picked out for me)

2. Grace that goes where I cannot.

3. The precious knowledge that God is taking care of business and there are things that are simply not my responsibility.

4. Sam is getting his cast off tomorrow. Praise the Lord!

5. Rain in our dry and windy land.

6. The beauty of creation.

7. The opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with God in making the world a prettier place to be.

8. cheese and bacon bagels

9. a really good cup of tea

10. Sunday afternoons

Have you started your own list yet?

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