Tuesday, May 27, 2008

11. Brother and sister playing happily together rather than fighting.
12. "Open the eyes of my heart Lord" sung in warbling 4 year old as this active little boy snuggles into his blankets.
13. The power company DID make a mistake!
14. Teaching a 2 year old to pray.
15. Morning snuggles and gentle kisses and smiles from tiny bodies who crawled in after daddy went to work
16. The seeding is finally finished.
17. The wind has settled down so spraying can happen.
18. An unexpected call from my sweet sister-in-law.
19. Kathrin
20. Dancing again with a group of wonderful young ladies, exploring this art form for the very first time.
21. "Everlasting" sung by Brenton Brown


Carebear and Firestarter said...

I think of you often when I'm feeling overwhelmed. It's so hard sometimes having so many kids....."shoveling in a snow storm" comes to me often too. I keep thinking that God would have us thrive, even in times as these....but when you feel like you're just keeping your head above water,.....I think of that psalm that says that we wait IN HOPE because he is our help....

do you feel that you loose hope? I do. When that happens, it's all a steep slippery slope from there. It's hard to hang on to hope when all is falling apart around you. I can't imagine doing this without God's grace, help, power and unconditional love....

Your list is tempting....1000 things is alot! I guess you can do it in stages.....

starr said...

Fresh Flowers, you have a lovely blog. And the list of 1000 Things, that's an excellent challenge. I scrolled down to check out the pix of your quilts - it's really nice the way you've used your work to decorate different rooms of your home. Bright Blessings . . . Starr http://sidekicks.ning.com