Friday, July 31, 2009

Fishing with Jesus

scattered thoughts...

random tasks...
having a hard time grasping the next thing...
"Cast off and throw your nets out."
"But we've been doing this all night."
"I know, just go and do what I said."
murmers, wondering
what could he be thinking?
"Look at that, hey, we need help, come over."
"Fish, tons of fish!!"
"You're kidding, we've been out all night with nothing to show for it."
"Well, we've got a catch now, help us, our nets are breaking."
"Okay, okay, we're coming."
"Wow, I see what you mean! C'mon, lean in fellas, we've got work to do."
The master fisherman/carpenter/teacher smiles from shore and waits for his fishing friends to come in.
Lord, help me to pull it together, to get my nets into the water when you tell me, too. Pull me out of my complacency and help me fish with you.

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Robin said...


I am going to sign up to enter the 24/7 prayer room. I have an incredible thirst for more...Always is just deeper!

Lani...I love your heart. Your words could be my own.