Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wonderful Sounds (515)

After yesterday's post on smells I lay in my bed, listening. I realized there are many gifts that God has given through our senses. So today, I want to hear, wonderful sounds of God, walking in my day...

501. Cries of, "Mommy, I missed you." as they tumble in the door from a week at camp.
502. Stories spilling out of excited lips of all they've learned and done and friends they've made while they were away.
503. Deep breathing as they finally sleep.
504. Lisping prayers as a little one learns to talk to her Father.
505. A polite decline rather than, "I hate that!"
506. Sweet quiet as I listen to siblings talk, glad to all be together again, content, watching a favorite movie.
507. Birds singing in the still damp trees.
508. Rain hitting the window, you can almost hear the thristy earth drinking it up.
509. The hum of the sewing machine as something lovely takes shape under my hands.
510. Husky night time, "I love you's."
511. An 'hello' from a voice you haven't heard for awhile.
512. Worship music spilling from the CD player, lifting my spirit, reminding me of who God is.
513. Outdoor nights sounds of crickets and frogs and birds and dogs.
514. The comforting hum of the dishwasher that tells me that things are cleaned up for another day.
515. My Father's voice, whispering to me that he loves me, leading my heart on the path of righteousness, perhaps I can't hear it with my physical ears, but my heart can, all the same.

Sounds of life and love. Life is messy and sometimes the sounds are strident, but we are hear and we can hear the cadence of life - present and accounted for. Thank you Lord.


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