Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wonderful Tastes (537)

Taste. What an amazing gift, so unique to each person, what I love, you hate. Such variety...

516. Chocolate, melting in your mouth...I'm partial to those Lindt ball chocolates - hint, hint.
517. Creamy Earl Grey Tea with just the right amount of sugar and milk.
518. The first chip
519. Really good pizza.
520. baked potato with butter and salt (Krista I tried the cheese whiz thing and that totally rocks)
521. perfectly cooked steak
523. Ginger beef at Genesis
524. Crab rangoon also from Genesis
525. the noodle bowl at Saigon Rose
526. Thai Chicken Salad from Alexander's
527. spring rolls
528. penne alla campasino from Chianti's
529. Any really richly flavored soup. I could get probably 20 more if I start listing all the soup I love to taste!! potato/sausage/dill borsht, cabbage borsht, hamburger soup, corn chowder, mushroom cheddar chowder, chicken noodle.... I really could go on, I love soup, it truly is a gift from God. I once had pumpkin soup, wow was that good.
530. cheese sauce - homemade of course, rocks...yumm
531. sweet and sour meatballs or ribs

okay I better stop I'm making myself hungry, I haven't even gotten to things like fruit
532. fresh peas out of the garden
533. corn on the cob dripping in butter and salt
534. fresh salad greens with dill and oil and vinegar dressing
535. strawberries
536. grapes
537. cherries

really, I have to stop. No wonder I'm overweight, apparently I like food!! Have a happy day.


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K_I_T_ said...

yeah the Cheese Whiz on potato....woah now. Its crazy good. Did you ever have the dill borsht from the Mennonite kitchen in Saskatoon? Ohhhh yummy. I love my food too. Did I miss the Salsa? Cause Salsa baby, it's where its at!!!!