Friday, July 24, 2009

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week (547)

This week my friend and 5 of her kids were out for the week. Usually, we enjoy ourselves and have a great time, however, we have dubbed this week, the terribe, rotten, horrible, no good, very bad week....

Monday morning - my youngest son cuts holes in the trampoline with a pair of scissors
Monday afternoon - our two oldest daughters disappear without a trace for about 45 minutes due to a lack of communication. We had no idea where they were and could not find them anywhere
Tuesday morning - S & S (our 5 year olds) decide they've had enough of VBS, excuse themselves to go to the bathroom and don't come back. So, while I am teaching ladies how to make a purse, the VBS director comes in to inform me that my son and his friend are no where to be found and are not on the church grounds or in the building. So, after checking the nearby parks and grandma's house we come back to the church, they haven't returned. ONe of the ladies I'm teaching says she saw them heading in the direction of our farm. I head out once again and find them, hand in hand, walking the gravel road toward home. We were not amused, even if they were pretty cute.
Wednesday evening - Elizabeth falls and cuts her hand on glass, badly. The good news is that I prevailed upon my friendship with the doctor's wife and headed over to their house with her because the cut was really deep. Fortunately, because of where it was located, right in the fold of her finger, we didn't have to go for stitches.
Thursday morning - the SS team gets up super early and heads out to trash the neighbors quad that he left where he was going to build fence near our field. If that wasn't bad enough, when we have assessed the damage and informed the neighbor and go to head into town, my keys are missing. The boys had used them to try to start the quad and lost them. We sent out the team and they were able to find them under the quad. We spent an hour after lunch relocating all the stuff that they had tossed off the quad. We are even less amused with our sons.
Thursday afternoon - We take the crew over to Uncle Bill's where the uncles have rigged up a movie theater to amuse all the cousins. As we're getting out I swing the door shut at the exact moment that my friend's baby inserts his index finger into the hinge of the door. Let the screaming begin. We head back to town for stitches (4 of them) in his tiny little finger.
Thursday evening - We are heading home from the uncle's when my oldest yells to stop the vehicle as screams are emanating from the back seat. My youngest son has managed to get his arm stuck out the window and can't get it back in.
Friday morning - the SS team is at it again and they let the dogs in the house. One of my second oldest son's webkins is later found eaten by the dogs (that particular son is off in Ottawa with his dad - did we mention that the daddy's weren't here this week? well they weren't)

So, we need to be thankful that this wasn't worse than it was....what are our gifts from this terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad week?

539. No one is dead.
540. We found all the missing persons.
541. I was definately praying a lot.
542. We've had some very teachable moments with our sons.
543. The ladies in the ladies' time out where very good sisters in surrounding us with hugs and prayers throughout this week.
544. We really did have a good time at VBS.
545. We've had some good times with our oldest boys reminiscing about all the stupid things they did when they were 5.
546. We are thankful the big boys didn't do anything too foolish since they are capable of doing things that are far more dangerous and foolish.
547. We remembered to keep our eyes on Jesus and not walk in fear.


Audrey said...

Way to go my friend. I know it's difficult to keep our eyes focused on such days. I've had some similar events and definitely similar weeks (just with less children in total!) Glad to hear you are still standing!

love ya

Lani - the flowerlady said...

apparently I forgot to mention 2 other items...

1. Simeon ate a huge amount of salt and barfed all over the church, which we cleaned up instead of listening to the speaker, sorry Connie.
2. My #1 son shaved his tongue out of plain curiosity...????