Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Re-entry and Bonding

Yesterday was re-entry day.  C had been at a friend's house for a few days and we enjoyed some blessed 'normalness'.  The friends drove him home and picked up their kids had lunch and then headed off again.  He was happy and energetic until the moment they left and then crashed...hard.  Everything was horrible, nothing was fun, he was bored, his brothers are idiots, blah, blah, blah....So my stress level went up a notch or two, a few things went flying, not much fortunately because he is on a mission to have 365 days without a major explosion.  If he accomplishes this seemingly impossible task he will win himself an Ipad.  It might take till he graduates, but he's determined, at the moment.

Our counsellors from our parenting class (Parenting Out of Control Teens) helped us come up with a reward system.  We supply little rewards (badminton birdies, beef jerky, chocolate, gum, etc.)  and he supplies the necessary behaviour.  He evaluates himself and then is allowed to reward himself for not exploding when he thinks he's done a good job of the day.  So far we're only applying it to the huge, destructive explosions not all the picky nit-picking, etc.  But hey, a few less holes in the walls are a good thing!  Only one really big explosion since we started this - 6 weeks ago.  That, my friends is progress!

We had a good bonding time over a flooding cistern.  I walked by the furnace/cistern room and heard the sound of running water, I shouldn't hear that sound there!  C happened to be close by so I rushed in and started the bucket brigade to keep the rug from getting flooded.  A and J came down and helped, too and the four of us averted the impending disaster.  Then we watched the extended version of Fellowship of the Ring.  C fell asleep leaning on one side and A on the other, love moments like that!

Had some good moments today getting ready for A's birthday party.  The whole eating healthy and exercising thing has gone totally out the window this week along with all vestiges of routine.  What can I say, I'm gonna say no to chocolate fondue?  Hardly.  Solid chocolate bunnies?  We are doing emotional eating and I figure if I'm fully aware of what I'm doing it's okay...I think!  So chocolate spa party here we come.  Fortunately the baseball coach called a practice/wiener roast for this evening, so, yay, C, S7 and S8 are all out of the house for most of the evening.  The girls should like that.  Thank you Mr. Jones!

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