Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday evening thankfulness (1059-1079)

Today I took my oldest daughter and her friend to camp.  It was a very quiet ride as they read books most of the way.  A lovely time to be alone with my thoughts.  After I got them squared away I took off by myself for awhile to read, write and pray, stopped to take some pictures on the way home and refreshed my spirit.

Thankful for:
(1059 - 1079)
a camp director who blesses tired moms with prayer and a nice parking spot at the top of the hill
the camp administrator that got the friends into the right cabin after a mix up
my daughter committing to help her friends get to camp
quiet parks
words on pages
Beth Moore books
mosquito repellent
supper out with good friends - 12 kids at home between us, so sweet to go out

my wonderful husband, he had fun test-driving trucks and golfing, such a sweet gift for a hard-working guy

fun at the pool with the kids

my sweet miss, picking flowers for her mama

she's so happy to have finished this project, she did a good job, a sweet gift to share the love of sewing and fabric with my kids

the flowers little miss picked ended up in this little vase on my bedside table

girls settling into camp, such a gift for children everywhere

a quiet house, speaking volumes

the Mr. looking out over his domain

red barns

perfect reflections

stooked bales, don't see these very often anymore, speaks to me of simpler days

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dsblanchard said...

Dear Lani,

I stopped by here from Ann's. You posted right before me today so I thought I'd come look at your page. I'm glad you captioned your pictures. I have never seen stooked bales. I took a picture of rolled bales on my way home from church, but these stooked ones are new to me.

I'm glad I passed by here. Your pictures are lovely. Have a blessed Monday.

One of the Multitude,

Lani - the flowerlady said...

thanks for stopping by, usually all the bales around here are round, too, I haven't seen this for ages...which is why I had to stop! :)

Nicole said...

so good when momma's get to step back and rest and take in what God's creation has for us to see as Glory. Glad to have stopped by from Ann's.