Friday, July 27, 2012

Frustrated Rant and Happiness

This morning began with extreme frustration...I stepped on the scale and it went up.  I hate that, especially because this week I have been trying hard to watch what I eat I've done some exercising and...yeah, bummer! (bummer getting bigger ;().

For the first three decades of my life I never struggled with my weight, it was a non-issue.  Then 10 years ago extreme stress took over my life and the weight has piled up and my ability to lose it has vanished.  I'm not extremely overweight, just enough to notice and be annoyed by it!

I have to admit that over the last few months I have done very little to try to get it off.  Probably a backlash from the six months prior to that where I worked diligently to exercise faithfully and did not lose one solitary pound.  Sure I was a little firmer, but not much and super frustrated by the lack of results.

I have read plenty of weight-loss books, looked for different reasons and found no answers.  My dear husband, bless his heart, has purchased many things to try to help me out.  In fact, we've spent a ridiculous amount of money on exercise videos, equipment (though I refuse to buy a treadmill or anything resembling such) and books/plans.  I'm so tired of all of it.

Okay I think I'm done ranting now.  Phew, I feel a little better, that's a load off (one that won't be reflected on my scale unfortunately).

On a brighter note...we're on day 2 of using our new schedule and it has been marvelous.  It is a little more work for me to watch the clock, but so far, we're liking it.  The kids are positively engaged and the screens are off!!  At the moment Lizzy is doing ballet in the living room listening to Mozart and Tchaikovsky and the boys are exploring in the trees and here I am taking a little time out and writing!!  So much more pleasant than the paragraphs above.

Sounds like it is time to change the loads in the washing machine and then put at least one basket of clean stuff away!

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