Thursday, July 26, 2012

organized summer...maybe??

Today was the beginning of my new leafiness!  I think we've done pretty well today.  I slept in a bit but I decided that doesn't happen very often so I enjoyed it.  THEN...we got the party started.

I just had the three youngest at home so I thought we'd get a schedule going with them the hopefully we can use until school starts.  The older three are supposed to be working anyway so the schedule we drew up won't work for them...THEN we tried it out this afternoon...cause it took us that long to figure it out!

It went pretty well I thought and they seemed to enjoy it...what got accomplished?

- we all read today
- all the kids played outside for awhile
- they all had only 1/2 hour on the computer
- we did some chores (the hallways are clean, some laundry got put away and one boy learned how to sort laundry)
- they played piano for awhile
- we had a good lunch and cleaned it up
- we blessed a big brother by cleaning his room (this was part of our 'bucket' time)
- I managed to get all my living room drawers de-cluttered and sorted (all homeschool stuff) I know no one can see that but it sure felt good to do it! :)
- supper is in the crockpot

This evening we are planning for a movie time (another 'bucket' item).  If this schedule works for us I'll post it and maybe it can help someone else get their summer organized.

psst:  this should be under the NEW LEAF page I made but I don't know how to get it in there!  HELP...


Anonymous said...

Check out this article on adding posts to a page:

Lani - the flowerlady said...

thanks Mary, I'll see if my very non-technological brain can work it out! :)

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