Friday, July 20, 2012

This and That

This morning feels like a struggle. There are many demands pulling on me today...

* cleaning - the house is a disaster - I haven't been home most of July and it shows
* laundry - piled high and waiting for me is Mt. Washmore
* accounting - always, always lurking in the back of my closet
* weeding - the unrelenting task of summer
* de-cluttering - I desperately want my house to come out of this summer feeling a little lighter!!
* I need to start looking through all the home-school teacher guides so I'm at least a half a step ahead of my kids this fall
* exercise - I have fallen and I can't get up!!!
* relaxing and enjoying summer
* endless craft projects that I am itching to get my hands on

And I'm wondering if I should re-name my blog, move to a new space, start it fresh...I'm super tired of getting comments from flower shops in India!!

I would apologize for my sketchy blogging over the summer but that has just been my life lately. I really appreciate my readers, commentors (except the Indian flower shops) and lurkers. You bless my heart and I hope I bless yours. I would really value your opinion about moving. I have no idea how big a job that would be. I'd kind of like to revamp the whole thing, make a space for my writing stuff and all that. I know I said I was going to get a private blog going but that has proven to be a struggle in and of itself.

I'm really just babbling this morning. I hope you are all having a wonderful summer. Personally, summer is NOT my favorite season. My work load increases dramatically. However, I do love all the colors of summer and I am so thankful for my generous friends who have cabins at the lake. The girls and I had a wonderful time hanging out there yesterday. It was a summer day that I fully enjoyed!

Question for today: What's your favorite season? Why?

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