Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Lizzy

Seven years ago today I stayed home from church because I wasn't feeling so great.  Kelly took all five kids and came home with none, they had all been dispersed to friends for the afternoon.

Over lunch we decided to head up to see our friend's new baby, Laina.  Before lunch was over I had had a couple of contractions but thought they were just Braxton Hicks since I was five weeks away from my due date.
Such a little dolly!

First steps!
We cleaned up lunch and headed off noticing that these contractions were pretty regular and rather strong.  We never made it to see Laina that day.  We figured we should get things checked out...I got admitted.  Six hours later the contractions had stopped and they were going to send me home, we let the doula go and then had to sit and wait for the doctor to come back and release me.
That dress was made by my mom, for me!! (with our German daughter Kathrin)

Unbeknownst to us another set of friends were in having their baby, our doctor was with them doing an emergency C-section.  By the time they were squared away I was back into full labour and we decided to proceed with having a baby.
Rockin' the tutu!

My family freaked out because it took about 12 hours for Elizabeth Johannah to show up, about seven hours longer than normal!!  Our preemie looked too big in the NICU, she had a few issues that cleared up fairly quickly.
photo shoot with my girls!
praising God for the canola - it got wiped out a few days later!

Since then that sweet girl has been such a joy to us.  She lights up our days, loves to dance and spin and make music.  She is petite and blonde and blue eyed and we love her creative spirit.  Learning is her delight and the teacher has to work to keep her challenged.  We almost stopped having babies after #5 but the Lord whispered in my ear that we weren't finished yet.
Birthday party with Grandpa (my dad) who turned 79!

Elizabeth Johannah - Beloved Promise of God. Three months before she was placed in my womb by God's grace we went through a devastating miscarriage and the Lord whispered to me then that He had a gift for me.  Her she is my sweet girl.  Happy Birthday darling girl, I hope you enjoyed your breakfast in bed today.
breakfast in bed, served up by Sasha
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kathrin said...
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kathrin said...

Awww, our little baby girl is turning 7 today, so NOT a baby girl any longer ;) I perfectly remember celebrating your third birthday together.. HAPPY HAPPY birthday my dear Lizzy, hope you're having a great day. You're such a special girl and I'm so happy to be able to hug you in September! Lots of love from your german sister, xxx!

Marilee said...

As the doula I must admit I was delighted to be there, and heartbroken when I missed the main event! Lots of Love to you Lizzy and your mom and dad :)

Marilee said...

As the doula I was delighted to be included in this birthing experience ... and heartbroken when I needed to leave and then missed the main event! Since Lizzy shares a birthday with my Eric it makes her day even more special to me! Lots of love to all of you today