Saturday, March 02, 2013

Anticipating the Trip! Feedback Please

Friends, it is 4 sleeps until we leave on our long awaited holiday.  I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about that.  However, these days leading up have been more than a little hectic!  A 10 day mission trip, endless meetings, sick kids, cranky kids, events and unexpected responsibilities popping up.

Today the farmer/pastor guy started tossing the pile of clothes into the suitcases.  I'm not even sure what was in the pile anymore...all of my summer clothes.  That pile was not very big after my daughter got through with it.  We sent a few bags to the second hand store.  I bought some new clothes that I'm excited to wear.

This afternoon was spent on the computer compiling information for the grandma's and making up a book for the younger set for each day that we're gone so they have an idea of where we are.  That was fun.  Seeing all the pictures of the islands is making me even more excited to go visit them.  I love history and some of those islands have some pretty fascinating stories to tell I'm sure.  I hope the little book I made will help them deal with the fact that mommy and daddy are away.

I have a question for you...what would you like to see on the blog while I'm away...

1.  A 'what I wore' kind of thing - so looking forward to dressing up for dinner every evening - almost a little Downton Abbey feeling - no Anna coming to help me with my hair though!
2.  Pictures of the islands - hoping to find a new camera before we leave, ours kinda bit the dust unfortunately.
3.  Deep, spiritual lessons that I learn while I meet with God as we rest (hopefully).
I'd love to bring you all along but I'm going to be a wee bit selfish and just take the man I love the most in the world.

Give me the feedback...I'd love to hear you ideas of how I can share this trip with you!


martha brady said...

i don't think you should write a lot of posts while you are on your vacation. i think you should do reruns and have a blast on your vacation!

that doesn't rule out reading for personal improvement if you want, but no deadlines.

Tennille said...

All those options sound good, Lani. What about all of the above? Or if you must choose....maybe the life lesson/spiritual stuff while it is fresh in your mind and then a
summary of what you wore after you get home. Like a photo fashion show. Info about the islands would be neat too but could also be done when you get home.

<3 Tennille

P.S. Hope you have a blast!

Marcy P said...

I'm so excited for you!! Only five more sleeps for us. SO NERVOUS! It's my first foreign trip in decades! AHHH. I would love to see your clothes, the islands and the spiritual lessons you learn, so pretty much everything. Except, I probably won't be online, so I'll catch up with you later. HAVE FUN!!!

Kim said...

What fun, and with just the hubbie, too! I'd Any of those topics would be interesting, so write away. You may be so busy relaxing and enjoying yourself, though, that you may want to consider allowing your writing to simmer on the back burner while you are gone. Enjoy the time, Lani!

sonya said...

Write whatever you feel like but don't neglect the real purpose you're on the trip for.

Nancy said...

take notes. jot down ideas, thoughts, impressions, conversations, journal, journal, journal those bits and pieces as they come. (not all the time, mind you- after all you are not going away to blog but to experience!) but gather as you go and then-when you get back you will have great fodder to develop into gourmet meals for the rest of us!!