Thursday, February 28, 2013

Five Minute Friday: {Ordinary}

Five Minute Friday

Just a bunch of friends hanging out writing together on the same prompt.  5 minutes, no pre-thinking, no editing.  Link up at Lisa Jo's and remember to go encourage someone else.  That's it.

Today's prompt:  Ordinary


Ordinary.  I don't think I've ever quite liked ordinary.  That is what I am.  Ordinary height, ordinary build, ordinary hair, ordinary size, ordinary intelligence.

Why just ordinary?

Why not extra-ordinary?

Am I not that already.  My family needs me to be ordinary right now.  If I was being called away I don't think we could handle it.

Ordinary means stability for my kiddos.

Ordinary means less demands on me for the moment.

Jesus was ordinary for most of his life.  He didn't stand out much.  Got up, went to work, came home - every day.  When he was 12 he did something unusual that made people notice him...then nothing until he hit 30.

I think I might be okay with his kind of ordinary.  Meeting up with his dad on a daily basis, doing the work in front of him and when the time came...doing what He was called to do. He was being faithful to what He was here for.

I want to be faithful, ordinary, doing what I'm called to do, however mundane that might look just at the moment, because one day, the Father might show up and say, "Now, tell them why you're here." and perhaps I'll know what to say.

That I'm just an ordinary person with and extra-ordinary Dad.


I don't usually write at midnite but hey, I was up anyway and guess what...thanks to my sweet friend I have an early-bird Allume ticket!  Yes, I am going again!


WICK said...

great post...I think we could all get down with the ordinary ways of Jesus. :)

Alia Joy said...

I think we underestimate what an impact long obedience and faithfulness looks like. Often mundane and boring. Nothing super extraordinary in any way. Just regular, but I think we'll all be a little shocked in heaven when we see the weight of those who knew deep faithfulness with what God put before them. I think your faithful ordinary obedience is beautiful, friend.

Student Mommy said...

AMEN!!! Like the reference to Christ - didn't think of it like that, but am in total agreement.

Jennifer Camp said...

So happy to be your neighbor at Lisa-Jo's today. :) I love your heart of surrender, for your words sharing the beauty of faithfulness and obedience and trust in this amazing Father of ours who thinks we, in our ordinariness, are pretty darn extraordinary. I am excited to be going to Allume, too! :)

dayebydaye said...

Oh, goodness, Lani! That last line- that I am just ordinary with an extraordinary Dad- LOVE that!!!
Bummed I won't see you at Allume this year, but so glad to hear that you are going!!!
Love to you!

Anonymous said...

I adore that last line of yours - just an ordinary person with an extra-ordinary Dad.

eeeeek. Yes!!!

Mia De Vries said...

Hi Lani
I think those ordinary things like being a mommy and wife is the extra-ordinary in our Pappa God's eyes. Remember when Paul advised about widows that needed to be taken care of, he listed her good works as loving her husband and bringing-up her children well! In His economy, dear one, the ordinary love of a mother is the extra-ordinary!
Much love

Nancy said...

Oh my dear one! I love the line: Now tell them why you're here! That is just what you are doing- each and every moment of every ordinary day!

Nancy said...

Oh my dear one! I love the line: Now tell them why you're here! That is just what you are doing- each and every moment of every ordinary day!