Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Book Review: Picture Perfect

What happens when you mix a fiesty Irish girl with a camera an Italian wedding planner's family, stiff competition, 'Jacquie Goldfarb' and some big name stars?  A perfect mess and a lovely story line!

Picture Perfect is a modern story filled with quirky characters and a thread of romance.  I am thankful that author did not employ the boy-meets-girl + fight + happy-ending scenario.  I do not make it a habit of reading romantically inclined novels, however, I don't hesitate to recommend this one.  The characterization is delightful and the story line has some lessons that all of us can learn.

Our 'enemies' are friends waiting to be found.  Our heroine, Hannah, realizes this as she finally has to disassemble the image of her high school nemesis and not make assume that everyone is out to get her.  Not everyone is Jacquie Goldfarb, not even Jacquie Goldfarb.

Perseverance and honesty pays off.  When faced with tricky, professional and ethical issues, Hannah must find a way through while possibly losing the opportunity of a lifetime.

Having a positive outlook rather than being a gloomy gus can give us a very different perspective on our circumstances.  Hannah looks at her situation through her own gloomy eyes, however, as her friends, new and old help her see, her life is much more rosy than she realizes.

Accepting help is not a sign of weakness.  She has fought hard to achieve her situation and Hannah wants to keep her head above water - all on her own.  When help comes she has to decide whether or not her 'enemy' is really someone who can help her achieve her goals by working together rather than competing.

Don't misunderstand, this is not a deep theological treatise, however, spiritual truth is woven into the story in an uncontrived way.  Mixing Italian and Irish personalities and family dynamics must have been a fun assignment for Thompson.  Picture Perfect is light-hearted and fast-paced, enjoy a copy today at your favorite bookseller.

Book Review:  Picture Perfect by Janice Thompson, published by Revell.

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