Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Inspiration from the Past - George and Gladys, 2 of my Heroes!

Who inspires you? What stories do you gravitate towards when you need a lift?  Quite possibly you are inspired by those stories because there is something of your dream in those who have already reached the place you long to be.

I am always inspired by stories of great faith.  People like George Mueller and Gladys Aylward inspire me to go after God, to ask the seemingly impossible things.

There was no breakfast for the children and yet Mr. Mueller had the children gather around the empty table and thanked God for food that wasn't there.  A knock sounded on the door.  The baker had been prompted by God to get up early and bake bread for the children, did they need bread?  Another knock at the door.  The milk wagon's wheel was broken and the milk would be spoiled before they could fix it, could the children please drink the milk?  I so love hearing of God's faithfulness.

If you're unfamiliar with Mr. Mueller there are many books published that describe his life and works. (Christianbook.com has several versions of his biography).  In a nutshell, this man had a heart for the poor.  He saw their need and went with God to try and meet it.  He established orphanages and prayed in the resources, never announcing what was needed.  There are countless stories of his faith and the answers that came.

How could they get the gospel message into the remote villages?  There didn't seem to be a way.  One day they had an elite visitor to the inn.  Could Ms. Aylward become the foot inspector to the remote villages?  The practice of foot-binding had been outlawed and they needed someone to travel and make sure that the gov't orders were being followed.  Ms. Aylward proclaimed that she would share the gospel of Christ as she went.  That didn't matter to their visitor, all he wanted was a foot-inspector.  That job paid the bills and allowed her to share the good news throughout the remote regions of China.

My kids love this version of her story.
Ms. Aylward is a similar type of character.  She was told she was unfit for missionary service, but her indomitable spirit pushed her forward.  She managed to take a rather large herd of children through the mountains in China and get them to safety, putting her own health in peril.  She, too, had faith to believe that God was more than able to supply what they needed and He did.

When I look at how these people put their faith into action, believing God for the impossible, it encourages me to do the same.  The dreams I have for our family and the ministry we long for with them seems impossible to me.  Yet our God says that with Him, nothing is impossible.  We have already seen answers to prayer that looked impossible from the a human perspective.

Sometimes we get discouraged by the mountains that are in front of us.  We have to move around roadblocks, climb over obstacles and find new pathways to the goal.  However, God says to look at the mountain and not be dismayed.  He made that mountain and He can move it if need be.

Be encouraged today friend.  If that dream you have is put there by the almighty God, know that the resources you need to accomplish it are on their way.  The current circumstance may seem bleak and unfavourable but know that the God of heaven has heard your prayer and is on His way to answer it.

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Sarah said...

I've heard of George and would love to read his biography. What's it called?

I love the encouragement you give. Yes, God will surely empower us to fulfil the call He's given to us.

Beloved said...

praying over a table with no food on it? That is something I could guess I could do...but with children?
That's inspiring.
Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration. Keep dreaming big, sister.
Peace and good,