Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Moving Forward - a progress report

God-sized Dream = A desire in your heart for more of what God has for you
Holley Gerth        

Our assignment as God Sized Dreamers is to talk about what we're going to stop delaying and start doing.  For me it's simply to keep moving forward.  To quit 'dis-believing' that anything will happen.  I am so easily discouraged, both by the fear of success and the fear of failure, just as Holley posted yesterday on her blog - I encourage you to go back and read that one, it sure nailed me!

What I needed to do this week was to go look and see if anything at all had changed since I put that ridiculous dream scheme up on my blog weeks ago - it looks a little more like a manifesto.  Anyways, I took a look the other night and I thought I'd share the progress here today.  Because that's what my little thing I need to do - see where I've come from and that change is really happening and simply KEEP MOVING FORWARD even if it's a tiny step.


1. Debt Freedom - we got our accounting all up to date and now those books are at the accountant getting corrected in the places we can't fix and we will have a much more accurate financial picture.  We have been talking to our financial advisers about how to lower interest rates, consolidate and over all use what equity we have to make things easier to manage.

2. Travelling Ministry with our family - we led worship at my sister's church and realized some of our kids are definitely ready to begin leading in worship, we have asked and been granted permission to form a worship team in our church with our kids.

3. Adoption from Asia - no forward progress here as of yet besides finding out that one of our friends that we went to university with runs an orphanage and care home for teen moms in Taiwan - we purchased one of their calendars and those little ones are hanging on our wall staring us in the face each day - so precious. We have seeded into some other families' dreams for adoption, so we'll see what sprouts.

4. Wholeness for our family - We may possibly have found the counselor we have been praying for through a wonderful coordinating of circumstance - I will meet with her today.

5. Homeschool - we met with the director of Progressive Discover-E to talk about their online school system that may just be the ticket for us.

6.  Ministry to other families - finding that counselor may be a step in this direction.

7. Teaching/writing/speaking - I continue to lead the women's ministry in our church and will begin a bible study soon - not one I've written but that's okay.

8. Author - I have committed to writing more reviews - which forces me into writing something beyond the top of my head.

9. My own business - I went out on a limb and started a little doll business, "Button Beauties"  I had six orders in the week that I publicized it and will open the cart after I get back from holidays.

10. Soup/tea shop - nothing here yet, though my husband has found a building that might work and I have at least one friend with the same dream.

11. Website - I found a class online that will teach me how to set this thing up.  Abby and I are going to take it together and we'll go from there.

12. Renovation to our house - working out the debt payment plan will bring this closer to reality.

13. Self-sustaining farm - we'll probably plant the gardens again this year and can and freeze and do all those things that allow us to eat our own food - and we'll probably be able to eat our own beef and pork this year, too - maybe even chickens.

14.  A holiday - we sail for the Eastern Caribbean on March 8!!!  I am over-the-moon excited and have a pile of clothes out on my bed to prove it. The reason we get to go is because we worked hard on #1 and the money was released to go.  Such big smiles are here on my face.

Don't delay your dream.  It might not all come true today or even next week, but if there is something you can do to move it forward even a little then do it.  It may mean sacrifice or hard work or laying down something that has been keeping you from it, but don't wait any longer - KEEP MOVING FORWARD!


Amy said...

Wow, you are really moving forward!!! How exciting!! Enjoy your Caribbean trip :). That sun will feel so good :)

Amy said...

Wow!!!! Your list made me tired just reading it. I pray that God continues to bless your efforts as you move forward.

Mandy said...

Way to go, Lani! This is exciting progress. Many blessings as you continue to follow your dreams!