Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Why of My Dream...

It's Tuesday.  That means I'm supposed to be writing about God-Sized Dreaming.  I am part of this dream team that Holley Gerth organized and it's a pretty amazing group of people I have to admit.  May I encourage you to head over to Holley's site and read a few posts and meet some of my fabulous dreamer friends.

I'm dragging my heels a little.  We're supposed to be writing today about the 'why'.  Why is it important for me to pursue my dream.  Why is it worth fighting for?

Why indeed?

I think, maybe, perhaps, pursuing this dream of mine, to have my name on a cover of a book, is more about me learning to trust God with my heart than anything else.

I am not a great finisher.  I am an excellent starter.

I have an endless river of great ideas going through my head.

Writing a book (I have started many and finished none) involves damming up the river for a bit.  Swimming in the pool and allowing what's inside to come out.

That's hard work for a transient soul like myself.

It will involve some trust.

And perhaps a slight kick or two.

But I know that when I am sharing what I've learned with someone I am all lit up inside.  My Sunday School girls get some of the best of me, because they soak up what I teach them like sponges and I love it.

My little girl got a pile of fabric and a quilting book for her birthday.  She asked me to teach her to sew something.  I can't think of a better way to spend my afternoon; teaching my seven year old how to do something I love...bliss!!

Sharing my heart, those things I've learned the hard way, in some story form, because I loves stories, is rather vulnerable.  More than a wee bit scary.  I'm not a fan of rejection.

But it might be okay to trust God with my heart and leave the size of the dream up to Him, so maybe this will all be okay...I think.


moonbean7 said...

Keep at it sister dreamer. let go and let God use your stories to help those that are struggling. You can do it!

Mel said...

It WILL be ok! Keep going and trusting Him...blessings, sweet sister, as you push toward that dream! :)