Monday, April 01, 2013

I Lost Jesus - No Fooling

I did.
I lost Jesus.
We have this beautiful wooden wreath to countdown Lent and Jesus' path to the cross.
I had all kinds of marvelous ideas about how this year celebrating the Resurrection was going to be different.
I wanted for our family to balance out this Christmas/Easter thing.
So many times we've let Easter go by with barely a blip.

We lose Jesus.

We lose Him in the midst of school holidays, chocolate, bunnies, marketing and plans.

My plans got way-laid by trying to finish last year's books, mission trips and going on a vacation.

I didn't even know Jesus was lost until I got back from that vacation because I hadn't even looked for Him yet.

But last week, my girls said what about Easter?  We haven't prepared anything.  And they were right.

In the past we've celebrated Passover, such a beautiful way to remember...we missed that, it was the same day in the Holy Week when the Pharisees decided that they needed to do something about the Jesus problem, they wanted desperately to lose him.

So my sweet little girl, on her birthday, took down the snowman collection and started digging around.  She found the wreath, we put up a more springy looking wall quilt that reminds me that I'm wanting more than just surviving.  My husband bought daffodils and an Easter Lily.

We bought some special food, we made plans with Grandpa and Grandma.  We attended the Good Friday service which finally started stirring my weary soul into some flame.

And we found Jesus.

She found Him stuffed in the decorating closet and she brought Him out and put Him on the table.

On Saturday I couldn't help but realize that on that Friday so long ago there were women going about their business of cleaning and caring for children.  There were merchants in their stalls and caravans on the road.  These people weren't interested in crucifixions.  Perhaps they hadn't even lent an ear to the gossip and the crowds.  They hadn't lost Him because they didn't even know that He was to be found.  And then their world went dark.

And He died for them, too.  He died in my unpreparedness.  He rose in my hurry and haste. He came to save all of us, to love us whether we'd lost Him or not.

He found me when I was lost.

No fooling.


Lorretta at Dancing on the Dash said...

Awesome Lani. Simply beautiful and totally awesome. Lets strive together to not lose another moment with Him for the rest of these 365 days...

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Loved your pictures. I also have the same wreath from Ann Voskamp. I, too, feel like Easter came and went this year. But, as you said, I'm glad He has risen despite my unpreparedness.

Could you tell me where you got the cute button for your one word for 2013? I've seen them all over the place and haven't found the source. Mine is trust!

Thanks again for your words!

Lani - the flowerlady said...

The lovely lady over at Only a Breath made it for me. She was doing a wonderful ministry making them for free in January. Not sure she still is, but you can always ask! :)

Nancy said...

Lani, I can surely identify with last week. Easter seemed to come without any announcement in our home this year. until sunday morning. It was a very different easter than I think we've ever had. We have entered into that age where the adult kids have plans of their own to do with their littles that sometimes does not include holidays with us. We are ok with it, it's just that this year was suddenly upon us and I looked up and it was Easter. we may lose sight of Him in all the everyday, but thankfully He never loses us once we are in His hands.

Debi @ said...

Ah, what a great post. I hear ya - busy lives, busy people. But He's still here. I'm so glad you found Him again. xoxox ~ Debi