Sunday, March 06, 2005

Just for Monica

This is really just for my friend Monica. The rest of you can read it if you want. Monica is my dear, dear friend and sister in the Lord who has taught me so much, including how to plan properly and about organization, cleaning, running a business and so much more.

So, Monica if you are reading this! YEAH, YOU GOT HERE!!!! Now, to read the little thingy I was talking about, scroll down on the right side of the screen and you'll see a little heading called Recent Posts - click on 'Routines - gotta love em'.

After you read it, if you want to post a comment you click on the little line that says "Post a Comment", type whatever you want (with your name in it) and then click on 'Anonymous' and then click on 'publish'.

OR, you can just scroll down and read whatever you like (or click on a title that sounds interesting to you). To get to other interesting reads, scroll down to 'places I go and things I read' Kelly's is Heart of a Minstrel, Carol Fisher's is Worship Warrior, and Darcy's is In Search of Truth, Josiah's is FireKid. Hope you have fun learning something new!!!

I love you ever so much, you are a treasure to me!


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