Tuesday, March 22, 2005

off to a good start

My Proverbs 31 halo is firmly in place this morning! The baby got up at 5:30 and so after battling with my flesh a little I decided I might as well stay up and get a few things done. Soooooooo, I've had my quiet time, a bath, sorted laundry, made muffins and milkshakes for breakfast and served everyone in bed (cut down on the dishes tremendously!!), have cinnamon/raisin bread rising on the counter, the kitchen is clean, the bed is made and I am all dressed, before 8:00 am!! I'm just hoping that my halo won't slip off later today when the lack of sleep sneaks up and catches me off-guard.

Today is my daddy's 71st birthday. Wanna have some fun? Why don't you call him and wish him a happy birthday, he's got a great sense of humour and would love it!! Tell him the flowerlady told you to call. His number is 306-665-1798 - his name is George. Remember we live in Canada so the country code is 01 I think. Have a great day........

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