Monday, March 21, 2005


It's been an interesting weekend. My husband and I kind of flip-flopped. I was out and about most of the weekend and he did most of the kid duty! We went out on a date on Friday night proving once again that the more you pay for a meal the less you actually get to eat!! (thankfully we had gift certificates and the food really was very good!) We got to serve a part of the body by leading in worship and intercesson and that was wonderful.

Saturday morning I went to a 'clay date' and got to paint some pottery with a bunch of other wonderful women. What a heap of fun that was! (Thanks Audrey) Let me put in a shameless plug for Riverstone Studios - our dear dear friends who are getting up and running in pottery, photography, music lessons and more! They'll have a website soon so watch for it!! Little lesson there - when you paint pottery you don't get to see the intensity of the colors, just a vague representation - it has to go through the fire for the brilliance to come out!! Go chew on that for a while - you are a in the fire for a reason.

Saturday afternoon I chauffered kids around to practices and birthday parties along with the ignomious task of finding myself some personal apparel items that I loathe shopping for. I also had a great lesson in obedience! I felt that God had said to purchase a certain item when I was at the grocery store, I looked at the price tag and figured I must not have heard right (cash is pretty tight at the moment). I carried on and told my husband about it, he prayed about it and told me I had been hearing right so I better go back and get it, we'd figure out the why later. I thought I should be able to acquire it at the mall in which the birthday party was located. No such luck, I searched the entire mall and could not find it anywhere. I had to go all the way across the city back to the original store and purchase said item there. It does not pay to be disobedient, it costs you time and money!

We had a lovely family time on Saturday night. Then a glorious time of celebration with our spiritual family on Sunday morning. As a body we began to grieve the passing of a dear lady in our congregation and got to witness the baptism of a young man who had strayed from the Lord and has now come back. I was particularly moved by that since he was one of the kids I had in club way back when I first really started into children's ministry.

I had a nap in the afternoon and then spent the evening with the artisan's guild in our church putting together banners, sharing and loving each other with the gifts and talents that each one has.

I also found out that a Christian newspaper is going to launch in our fair province in May! I'm so excited. There's an excellent opportunity for me to submit 'fresh flowers' to the paper or at least to write for them on a free-lance basis. I'm scared to death!! But I think I'll give it a whirl.

Tonite we had supper at a friend's home. This is so unusual because most people are a little nervous about inviting a large family over - we take up a lot of space!! Anyways, it was a wonderful evening, the kids had fun and the food and fellowship were lovely.

Does anyone know where I could get a small non-shedding, fully trained and vaccinated dog for really cheap - like free?


Sonya said...

What a full week-end! This week is jam-packed with preparations for our departure. I should really go to bed...

rene the rugrat said...

Maybe it is just that I lack the responibilities that you have, but it strikes me as something of a poverty spirit to comment on cost rather than value. As I am certain you are aware there is skill that goes into preparing quality food and creating original recipies. Anyway that is my two cents worth, if it is worth that much.