Saturday, March 05, 2005


It is very quiet in my house at the moment. The only other person home is Sasha and he's sleeping. It's been an interesting coupla days...

**I reached my spilled milk limit yesterday - 5 cups in one day IS enough to cry over
**When your husband is gone for 4 hours without any communication it CAN bring you to a place of near panic
**Dealing with two toilet accidents of the #2 nature in one day is TOO much
**I am not a blogger that generates controversy and huge discussion, why is this? I am a vase, not a meat platter.
**I greatly enjoy a good discussion on literature and entertainment, check it out on 'Walking Circumspectly' (I have no idea how to do those cool linky things that you can do so you just click 'here')
**The Lord is showing me once again that I don't have to be anyone else, just me, what's He's called me to do is just as important as anyone else (good article at
**One day ALL my children will be able to feed themselves
**One day I won't be the 'poop-checker'
**I really enjoy quilting
**I realy enjoy reading other people's blogs

my baby is crying and the house is no longer quiet, so I can no longer in good conscience sit here, see ya............


Sonya said...

Hi, Lani! It's awfully quiet in my house right now, too...The men are out and the kids are down. So glad Kelly's here. Hope you have a great week-end. Sometimes God moves in us when our husbands/kids are not around. Listen closely! Love you!

molly said...

Aw, that was SUCH a good post, Lani!
It's good to have you back.

flowerlady said...

Sonya, it's been really good so far. God has been very gracious in these weekends that Kelly's been away. On the other hand, I can't wait to get a weekend away myself. He's up by 3 right now for 2005!!

Kristen said...

Will you come over and show me how to quilt?? :) I want to do it! I want a quilting bee!

((HUG)) You are a beautiful vase!

flowerlady said...


I would LOVE to show you how to quilt! I've actually done a bit of on-line quilt lessons with a friend a province whenever you're ready...let me know