Saturday, January 26, 2013

Five Minute Friday: {Again}

Five Minute Friday's prompt i:s AGAIN.

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Five Minute Friday

Alright then set the timer for 5 minutes and GO:

This week has been full of 'again's'.

She called to ask for the address again?
This isn't good enough for you, we have to have this conversation again?
Off to the city...again!
You're still coughing, so you're staying home...again.
The husband is off for meetings...again.
I'm back to the same three pounds that will never go away...again (those three never want to let me get to the other 25 that need to go.)
I don't want to get out of bed and face the world...again.
I need serious encouragement...again.
I need a lot of grace...again.
Someone left the peanut butter out...again.
She wet the bed...again.
It didn't work...again.
There was no response...again.
I can't seem to hear Him...again.

My grace is sufficient for you...again.
My power is perfect in your weakness....again.
You can do this, through me...again.
You can trust ME...again.
I've got you covered and surrounded and lifted...again.
They will pray for you...again, if you ask.
I told her to call you...again.
Can you here me...again?


Liz said...

Great job on five minute Friday! I wrote about the same thing too-my agains are always so seemingly negative. Thank goodness His are positive, and He always keeps coming back for us again. Way to go!

Denise said...

Enjoyed this.

Nancy said...

Lani, it's a world of agains. But that constant repetition is how we all learn. Yes, we are praying for you, and yes, He is holding you up! and Yes, some days are really discouraging, but oh the look in their eyes when they say "I love you Mama!" give me those every day- over and over and over again!

Debi @ said...

Ooooo, this was goooooooooooood!! It really struck a cord with me. Thanks for sharing. You ROCK!!!