Monday, January 14, 2013

How to Keep From Being Robbed

I was robbed this weekend.

This time it was only a phone, but I know that often I let myself get robbed of so much more.

The Word says that the enemy comes in to steal, kill and destroy us.  He robs us of our desire to forgive.  He tells us that we are only worth the sum of our parts and tries to steal our worth.  Sometimes I let him take all of that and more.

There are these people in Romans who let Satan steal from them.  He stole God from them and gave them death instead.

I don't want to be THOSE people.

I don't want to be like THEM.

You probably don't either.

I've been reading Romans, memorizing it, discussing it in our devotional time with our kids.

Romans isn't very fluffy.

Romans is weighty and makes you sober up and take a good look.

THOSE people knew God and they cast Him aside.

THOSE people traded the truth of God for a lie.

THOSE people forgot to be thankful.

THOSE people set things up in their lives that pushed God out of the prominent spot.

THOSE people were given over to the foolishness of their mind and their own depravity because God said, "Enough already, have it your way."

I don't want to be THEM.

The way not to be THEM?


Remember the gifts, be thankful...grab on to the grace of thanksgiving...

"Forgive me Father, for letting myself forget to be thankful. Forgive me for letting myself get robbed.  For trading time with you for a video game or a movie that doesn't fill my soul with anything but darkness.  I don't want you to ever say to me, "Enough already, have it your way."  I don't want my way.  THEIR way led to slander, greed, disobedience and all manner of sexual sin and other depravity.  I don't want that for me or my children.  I want to be thankful."

*thankful for the coupon my husband gave me for a night off of cooking dinner
*thankful for my very casual job that gets me out and rubbing shoulders with the community once in awhile
*thankful for the color orange, it makes me smile :)
*thankful for time with my family celebrating Christmas this weekend
*thankful for insurance that covers the theft of my phone
*thankful that it was just a phone that got stolen and not my child
*thankful for the gifts that God has given us that allowed us to bless my sister's church with music this weekend
*thankful for gluten-free recipes that are super yummy
*thankful for those who read these posts...yes, I'm thankful for you!  What are you thankful for?

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Kelly Hallahan said...

It's in those time when we don't feel like giving thanks that it is most important! He is always there! grateful you sought Him!