Monday, January 07, 2013

Thanks for this man...

Last night I had to tell him how thankful I was for him.

This man who thinks I'm beautiful in no make-up and sweats and a ponytail.

This man who faithfully works the land and shepherds the youth in our church and is father to our children.

This man who plans romantic dates and showers me with his love and affection.

This man who knows how much I like gifts and pretty things.

This man who encourages me to be all that God has created me to be and who puts his money where his mouth is and sends me off to Pennsylvania to find out that there are more people like me than I could have imagined.

This man who prays and reads and listens for God's guidance in big and small things and steers our family ship accordingly.

This man who is faithful and kind.

This man who sings and plays and teaches others to use their gifts.

This man who isn't afraid to wash dishes and take care of the kids on his own, who lets his lanky nine-year old son snuggle with him most mornings.

This man that God selected for me...

my multitude of thanks today is caught up in my love for him and thankfulness that he is mine...


Kim said...

Growing up, your man was by far my most favorite cousin. The stuff we did and got into and the good times - awesome memories. I always thought that whoever married him would be one lucky gal and as I have gotten to know you better (thanks for sharing on your blog) I realize he is just as lukcy (blessed). Happy 2013!

Lizzie Branch said...

Precious. I think you are both blessed. Staying warm??

Stephani - A Defined Life said...

What a lovely tribute to your husband! You definitely sound blessed as I'm sure he is as well. My gratitude post is dedicated to one single person as well today, my sister. Glad to meet you!