Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I want to be THAT person...

"It isn't the Jew/Lani/___________(put your name here) who maintains outward appearances who will receive praise from God, and it isn't people who are outwardly circumcised on their body.  Instead, it is the person who is a Jew inside, who is circumcised in spirit, not literally.  THAT person's praise doesn't come from people but from God."  (Romans 2:28-29)

* I want to be THAT person, the one who isn't in the habit of being so concerned about maintaining appearances. I want to be THAT person who is in the habit of obeying what God tells me to do no matter whether it looks like foolishness or if someone might laugh at me.
* I want to THAT person who gives it her best shot, knowing that she has laid everything on the table and held nothing back...even if it isn't perfect.
* I want to be in the habit of setting my mind on Christ.
* I want to be in the habit of having my affections with Him.
* I want to hear the applause of heaven.
* I want to be the kind of person for whom God's praise is enough.

THAT is the kind of person I want to be.

If you've read over here today this will make sense (otherwise you might think I'm a little daft), I had to smile.  I have my own notch, but I did it on purpose.  I put a hole in my ear where I knew it would hurt, and it gets tugged once in awhile and reminds me of why it's there.  It is my reminder that I am a bond-slave of who has purposefully put herself under the Master, letting Him pierce me and love me, care for me and carry me.

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