Thursday, April 13, 2006

fresh flowers for April 14

Not Just Yet
copyright 2006, Lani Wiens
a fresh flowers original

It was 5:45 in the afternoon. Seemed liked the contractions had stopped. "I'll wait a little longer," I thought to myself. 6:00 came and went. Things definately seemed to be at a standstill. I told my husband we might as well go home, it didn't look like we'd be having a baby after all. He went and told the nurse but she said we'd have to wait for the doctor who was doing an emergency C-section. We waited.

And waited.

Suddenly another contraction hit, and another. Maybe we shouldn't go home just yet. By the time the doctor came and checked things out she confirmed that now we more definately in active labor and they were moving me over. A few hours later, Elizabeth - promise of God, lay in our arms.

It was late afternoon. The sky had darkened. The man on the cross looked awfully dead. All that the disciples had hoped for was stopped that afternoon. Nothing was happening. No angelic host, no hand of God sweeping across the Roman empire. Just a dead man on a cross. Might as well go home, nothing going on here. But the women waited.

And waited.

Suddenly a contraction hit the earth. The stone rolled away and the angels said, "Come and look, He's not here." The women ran to tell the others. "Come and see, the tomb is empty!" It had been three days, just like He said. Messiah, the promised one, had opened His arms to the world on a rough cross to bring us life.

How easily I give up at the first sign that things aren't going as planned or when the plan seems to have stopped, dead in the water, no wind in the sails. Perhaps I need to hang in just a little longer, press in a little closer and wait for the promise of God to be fulfilled in my sight.

Wait, just a little longer. The promise of God is about to come...


Let Grace Rain Down said...

Wow,awesome post. It is so true, we all need to wait. Because God has a plan, beyond our eyes. We need to be patient and press forth.

Good post,blessings!

P.S I would like to come see your little one, hopefully before I have mine.

Sonya said...

This is so encouraging for me...

tonia/sparrow said...


How wonderful to have a babe in arms as you celebrate new life.

carebear said...

That flower is ....WOW