Sunday, April 09, 2006

There are some wonderful things about no longer being pregnant...things you take for granted:

* standing right by the counter as I cook or do dishes
* bending - I actually put my shoes on this morning without a major ordeal!
* hugging my husband is once again a full contact sport - well at least until the milk came in!!
* my kids can sit on my lap and snuggle because I have one!
* the number of trips to the bathroom have cut down considerably
* it actually seems worth while to go to the bathroom because my bladder is actually full
* sleep - I feel like I can go to sleep at any time and actually sleep - haven't done that for many months
* I can turn over without using 40 acres
* wearing almost normal clothes again

gotta go - the Winnipegers just arrived


Nin said...

don't have any of those issues yet, and am still in that crazy phase where I'm actually looking forward to those things! Glad to hear you've got your life back!

CWG said...

hey just think, if heather was right, you would have five more days...glad to see things are coming together

Let Grace Rain Down said...

I can not wait until I can bend LOL. Good post