Friday, April 07, 2006

fresh flowers for April 7

A Quiet Mind
a non original flower

I'm afraid that I am unable to put a coherent thought together on my own so I will borrow from another's. I bought myself this wonderful magazine while staying in the hospital. It's a new Christian magazine that is available only on newstands. It's called, "Lily - beautiful living through faith". I highly recommend it and encourage you all to go find one, it's a beautifully put together magazine full of good things. Anyway, this is a little poem that was tucked away on the bottom of a daily bible reading guide that has completely gripped my heart and has become my desire.

In my present state I must confess that I am far from having a quiet mind as I peruse the state of my home, the discipline and character issues that I see in my kids, the plans and schedules that need to be constructed, the unfinished projects, the business changes that are coming get the throw in sleep deprivation and whacked out hormones...I'm a mess!! When I read this little piece, I wept and continue to weep as I seek the Lord to show me how to come to this place on a more consistent basis.

I've many a cross to take up now,
And many left behind;
But present troubles move me not,
Nor shake my quiet mind.

And what may be tomorrow's cross,
I never seek to find;
My Father says, "Leave that to me,
And keep a quiet mind."

- Anonymous

Blessings to each of you, may your minds be quiet today...

Lani, the flowerlady

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tonia/sparrow said...

I'm praying for you today, that you will be able to overlook messy fridge and rowdy kids and enjoy the moment. I know how hard that is!!