Tuesday, April 25, 2006

thought I'd stick something on here that looked sorta new...I have to admit I'm not putting a lot of effort into the blog world lately...I have finally realized what everyone keeps telling me...I'm really busy...6 kids and 2 dogs and a husband are a lot of work...not to mention the house and the care and feeding of all those creatures.

however, so far so good, as long as I have a nap or something that resembles one on a daily basis we do okay...the house is not so okay most of the time. However, today someone gave me on of THE BEST BABY GIFTS EVER....a cleaning lady for 5 hours...oh my goodness, that was fabulous. I actually did something that I needed to do without feeling guilty about the mess in my house (with 6 kids, it's like shoveling in a snowstorm).

So blogworld, you're taking a low priority and that's just the way it will have to be........

Oh yes, more newly pregnant people are popping up everywhere...so exciting...so glad it isn't me...I love just cuddlin' my darling daughter....have I mentioned that she is BY FAR the cutest baby in the world (that is a completely unbiased opinion) when my mom sends me the pics off her camera I will prove it to the world!!

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Nin said...

Good to hear you're trying to take it as it comes, and putting some things on the side for now.
My hubby thouroughly enjoyed hanging out with your little one on Sunday.
I just read your Not just yet flower, that was amazing. Thank you for sharing that. It seems to speak of all that God has been doing in my life lately. I give up so easily and go home, but God is so merciful to draw me back, when He could very easily just let me leave.
What an amazing Father.