Friday, November 16, 2012

5 Minute Friday - {STAY}

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Today's prompt:

If I want my dog to 'stay' I tell him, too.  But how do I get my heart to stay?  I want to stay focused on things above, not things down here like the scripture in Colossians 3 tells me to.  I know that if my affections are stayed on Him, then there is joy in the journey....but how to get it to stay put?

- when barbed venom is coming out of that boys' mouth spewing all over
- when the finances look red, red and more red
- when the girl is sick and the medication she was given makes her more sick
- when I don't have answers to his questions
- when the dishes are piled up and two cupboards worth of stuff are in containers on my kitchen floor because the cupboard project is STILL not done

I need to hear His gentle voice telling me to stay, just be, don't work so hard to make things happen because you'll just wear yourself out with worry.

Just stay, here by my heart, resting in me, focused on my eyes.

Just. Stay. Still.

Just know that I AM GOD, and I've got this.

You can stay at peace, don't let that tail wag that dog.  Just stay.




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Anonymous said...

You are so right about the tail wagging the dog. We can get so caught up in our lists, and our to dos, that we lose track of what is really important. Staying in that moment of awareness and grace is a good place to stay.

Jennifer D. said...


Lorretta at Dancing on the Dash said...

Great job here Lani....I was talking to hubby this morning about how my most current challenge is time management and chasing the "screaming me me's"....