Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Why Do They Call it Christmas? - savings!!

My older kids grew up on Veggie Tales and I loved them just about as much.  We still sing the songs!!  Phil Vischer has come up with a brand new series called, "What's In the Bible."  Jellyfish Labs gave us a couple of videos to take home and my younger kids have been loving them!!

Clive and Ian's Wonderblimp of knowledge is a fun place to learn about things like, "Is God like a super hero?"  "Will God let us down like our parents do?"  There are fun characters and lots of music.

My personal favorite at the moment is "Why Do They Call it Christmas?"  This video is a little longer than the short clips on What's in the Bible but it involves the majority of the characters that you see there.  They explore the questions of origin of the names 'Christmas' and 'Santa', too.

May I encourage you to check these out!!  Also, Jellyfish Labs has a great site for kids to hang out on called JellyTelly.

So today's good news: Use this link to go check it out 20% off your purchase!!!

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Amy said...

My new favorite line - I could hit you with a peanut! Loving the airship of intelligence!