Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Join the Quiet Revolution!

Today I am back to helping you have a more meaningful Advent and Christmas season.  For the rest of this week I am going to be featuring some different ways you can make your dollars do more than just go flushing down the big box toilet.  Trust me, they don't need your money!!

My husband and I committed ourselves to not spending a single Christmas dollar that wasn't going to do more than just buy stuff.  No plastic goodies or meaningless drivel this year.  We want to take the few dollars we have and support local businesses, ministries and individuals rather than the big guys.

In our very 'connected' world, local has taken on a whole new meaning.  Some of my best buddies are people that I have met virtually and I have to admit I haven't met all of them in real life, but they are still very 'local' to me!  In keeping with that so are some of my favorite places to shop, while they may not be within walking distance, they are real people doing real services and have real products that they believe in!

This week I want to feature 'local' businesses and ministries that take your dollars and do more with them than just line their pockets!  Enough of that already!  I am also not so impressed with companies who are using child labour, maintain poor work conditions or don't pay fairly.  Obviously I am not going to be able to feature every amazing business that is doing something good, so if you know of people who are, please share the love and the links!!

We want to hear about Etsy shops that are using their proceeds to fund international adoptions.  Local businesses that are ambassadors for ministries by selling handmade goods that help break the poverty cycle. And how about you, do you have a small business that is helping your family make ends meet because you believe in what you do?  Let's hear about it!!

It's a quiet revolution that makes a huge difference in the lives of so many.  Make sure you are checking back over the next few days for featured shops and ministries and we're going to give away a thing or two!!


Blow the trumpet, toot your horn!!  The comment box should work better now!  The robot thingy is gone so if you have had issues posting comments in the past, fear not...the comment box is with you!  So, please, give me your links and recommendations and join the quiet revolution!!  You can email, too, if you're too shy to say it out loud!


Sonya said...

Just found out about a friend's crafty endeavours...you must check it out! https://www.facebook.com/ThroughTheWoodsCraft

Wool and wood and imagination. So neat!

Mandy said...

Hi Lani:) I know I left my link earlier on FB, but I will leave it here too. I'm not sure if it technically qualifies for your purposes or not, so I will explain and let you decide. It will not hurt my feelings if you want to delete this! My Etsy shop is brand new. I officially opened it on October 22nd, but I had (have) so much tweaking and learning to do that I only publicized it this week. I started the shop because I love making art, and I wanted to use that God-given talent to inspire others. My blog is to encourage women that they can do this life in Christ and live in freedom, and my shop is an extension of that, offering art that reminds women to walk in the light and freedom of Christ. I want to donate a portion of my proceeds to a worthy cause, but I have not determined yet what that cause will be. I also opened the shop to help make ends meet for our family, so there is that:) I love what you are doing here. Awesome. My shop is HeartsUndaunted, same as the blog: http://www.etsy.com/shop/heartsundaunted Thanks!

Debi Stangeland said...

Here is my new favorite shopping site that helps others:


Their mission is to unite and educate women and children in areas of human trafficking and sexual slavery.

I love their products and already have a list going for my friends and family for Christmas.

Thanks for linking up today at FunkiPlanet.com

Marcy P said...

I love this Lani! I'm afraid I haven't done this much in the past and this year have already almost spent our budget on meager gifts and some (or most) of it has gone to "big" businesses. I have switched it up this year with extended family and will be giving them cards telling them that the money we would have spent on their gifts and shipping has happily gone to our Compassion children so that they can have gifts and their families can have a boost this Christmas. I've always thought of doing the Fair Trade/adoption fundraising/ministry gifts but have never found something that "suited" my children. I'm all about practical gifts though, and have done that this year too.

Debi Stangeland said...

Don't forget about PureCharity too!!!

Michelle said...

My only concern is what about those of us that work for these so called evil big businesses. If people don't shop in my store, my store doesn't meet its goals, and then that puts my job and livelyhood at risk. Just something else for you to think about. We need balance.