Wednesday, November 28, 2012

On Real Life, a Coupon offer and Steve Bell...again

It's been a little quiet in the internet world this week as a lot of real life living has been taking place...

- real life birthday parties
- real fun crafty weekend
- real cleaning and cooking to get ready for the above
- real lessons (read driving, driving, driving)
- real appointments (read more driving)
- real vomit
- real (the other stuff)
- real fevers
- real aches and pains
- real road trips to celebrate my mama's birthday

Our house has been hit hard with the flu this week.  There is only one that still hasn't been affected in any way so we're just waiting!  Some great quotes for this sick week:

     * If you feel like you might burp, just go to the bathroom right're probably gonna barf (8 year old giving 16 year old advice on being sick)
     * Could you just give me some grace!? (hollered by 6 year old to 10 year old after she 'cut' the bread badly - the only one not sick, trying to be helpful)

So, I haven't gotten any Christmas decorations up this week, which was my plan.  Nor have I written anything profound or even had a particularly profound thought, except late at night in a fevered state which I can't remember in the morning.

The beginning of advent is coming and I so want to do something more meaningful this year with my family.  I would like our hearts to be centered on Jesus this year...not endless lists of what we want.  I haven't done much in the way of shopping, planning or even thinking about all that yet.

This year we will be using Walking to Bethlehem by Katharine Barrett (get your copy HERE) as an advent reader and walk our Mary around our advent wreath that Caleb Voskamp made (so beautiful).  Maybe we'll get our tree up next week...maybe. Or perhaps you're Jesse Tree users, we'll probably do that again next year.  I made a really beautiful wall hanging for a friend for their advent and think I will make us one, too...and perhaps write a devotional to go with it...but in the meantime if you go over to you can download a reader for free.

I have felt immersed in the Christmas spirit as I've played duets with my kids as they practice.  It's been a sweet slice of life.

Some really excellent reading that I enjoyed this interview with Steve Bell.  I am more impressed with this fellow the more I get to 'know' him.  He is a deep thinker, a critical thinker and a man of great conviction, not to mention an excellent musician, singer, songwriter, entertainer and speaker.  May I encourage you over to his site, pick up a copy of his newest CD and get a few of the others...I even have a coupon code you can use to get a discount!  Then read the interview with Lancia E. Smith, it's in four parts but so worth the read.

Go get his new CD Keening for the Dawn here!
product code:  BELLCDOFFER5

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