Wednesday, November 21, 2012

God's Love Never Fails...a paraphrase!

I have to admit to being just a little bit pathetic today.  I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed with things at the moment...

- one of our vans needs new tires (they are being put on today) - no wonder I couldn't drive on the ice!!
- the other van sounds horrible probably because the brakes are most likely shot
- the washing machine began to leak yesterday
- instead of moving ahead on a project I ended up taking an extra trip to the city to get my daughter checked was all fine, just worrisome, tiring and such
- I am only 8 months behind in doing our farm books
- I have no planning done for the next month our two
- we have a house full of company coming this weekend and my kitchen is still not put back in the cupboards nor is my sewing room ready for the crafty day we have planned with said company (the shelves did get put back in the cupboards this morning so I can at least organize those again!)

...and my eye has been twitching for the last three days

That's my pathetic little story and you don't have to feel sorry for me...I'm not asking you to.  The above is why Psalm 136 was of particular loveliness to me this I wrote it my own way...

Though the vans collapse and leave us stranded
God's love never fails.
Though the dishwasher doesn't wash dishes and the washing machine leaks
God's love never fails.
Though the company is coming whether I'm ready of not
God's love never fails.
Though the debts are piled high and so are the dishes
God's love never fails.
Though the projects aren't done and no money is going in my pocket
God's love never fails.
Though the bank account is red and I'm a little blue
God's love never fails.
He sends us lentil cheques in due season
God's love never fails.
He puts new tires on our van and will help us get the brakes fixed
God's love never fails.
One day my kids will graduate even though they're behind right now
God's love never fails.
I can smile and rejoice that they've learned something today
God's love never fails.
The smell of fresh bread is heavy in the air
God's love never fails.
The company coming is family and they don't care if my house is clean
God's love never fails.
I have excellent sewing skills and a creative brain
God's love never fails.

God's love never fails, doesn't leak, doesn't squeak and will not demand more of me than what I have.  God's love never loses sleep, not does it get angry, impatient or overwhelmed.

Today I give thanks for God's love that never fails!

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Marilee said...

Amen my friend!! thanks for the very timely reminder that nothing is bigger than God and his love for me!

Lizzie Branch said...

and oh how I love you so!! Precious words that are forever true. His love never fails. Is always enough. Never late. And our cup always runneth over. Grateful for you today, friend!!

Connie@raise your eyes said...

Love how you prayed the scripture in this post. It's GOD's Word to us and I love to read it as if it's between GOD and myself.

Nancy said...

Your timing is impeccable! I had a conniption this morning over something that we had no control over, and that was probably why- duh. I recovered, but the damage was done, yes, I failed again. And here I sit reading your wonderful words reminding that God and his love never fail. I might add- never wrong, never late, never annoying, never anxious. Always God. Always Love. Thank you precious friend. I know you've already celebrated thanksgiving, but you've put me back on the road to celebrating mine! Praying for brakes! N

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I didn't read this until today. It is very much for my day today.