Thursday, February 03, 2005


Today is a day of fasting and prayer for our son Christopher. We are looking forward to the breakthrough! Christopher is a gift to us and we thank God that he is in our lives. We are anticipating breakthrough in the following areas:

1. His violent, destructive behavior.
2. Circumventing his trigger points.
3. Freedom from the effects of his birth parents attitudes and actions.
4. A filling in of the trenches that have left their mark (rejection, abandonment).
5. A speeding up of the adoption process.
6. Wisdom for discipline.

Thanks to all who read this and are praying with us!!


Cindy said...

Hi Lani.

I don't know much about your situation, but both our boys are adopted. They have the same birthmom, but different birthdads. Our oldest has been with us since birth, and has FAS. His brother has similar exposure but different, less severe symptoms.

If prenatal alcohol exposure is part of his picture, I'd love to chat and share info/experiences with you.

Otherwise, I'll be content to amuse myself with your blog and just write silly comments. ;-)

flowerlady said...

Thanks for your concern! We would appreciate any support or insight that you could give us. Chris has mild FAS effects but hasn't been officially diagnosed with any - from our fostering experience we knew what to look for though. My personal e-mail is if you want to meet there.


flowerlady said...

oh yeah! I love comments - silly or otherwise :) :)