Saturday, February 05, 2005

Progress Report

A huge thank you to all of you who joined with us in praying and/or fasting for breakthrough with Christopher on Thursday. I thought I'd share some of the things that God showed us.


1. God has already given us everything we need to deal with this situation.
2. Love conquers all, covers all, casts out all.
3. The battle is not against the behaviour, but the powers of darkness that are against us.
4. There is a full inheritance that is Christopher's

Christopher's name seemed to come up for many people. Christopher means "Christ-bearer". The Lord had me researching bears and the word bear. I had never noticed the word bear in his name meaning prior to Thursday. The Lord has given me an 'animal' for each of my children so I was trying to get more understanding about bears. They are a very strong, yet gentle creature but you don't want to get them mad or look out!! (how well we know that). The bear is also a very nurturing and caring creature. Christopher can be very compassionate, gentle and caring when he decides to be.

When I went to my concordance I was frustrated that I kept finding the word 'bear' but it was in referance to producing/yielding, things coming to bear (or pass), giving support to and that sort of thing, which corresponded with the dictionary. That's when I noticed the 'bear' in his name. This got me a bit excited as I started praying into that part of his identity. That he would truly have the mark of Christ on him, that he would yield and produce much of Christ.

We did plenty of repenting (personal and representational) of personal and generational sin wherever the Lord revealed anything.

Kelly's uncle John called and gave us great counsel as well as a lengthy prayer/intercession/discernment time. We were able to uncover quite a few seeds of destruction and violence and root them out through taking the authority that is ours in Christ. Uncle John was a huge blessing, definately praying from a place of peace and rest and trust in the power of God.

As well, the Lord had me in a parenting book that He led me to purchase (at an amazingly low price). In my 'bear' search I remembered seeing something about bears, so I looked that up. The description of this 'bear discipline factor' described Chris quite closely giving us some good tools to use for the day to day discipling of our boy.

Christopher's teacher called to let us know that they would do anything they could to help him overcome his present situation. She shared a little of her own history with me that showed me she has a huge heart of compassion for Chris and is very much in his corner, understanding where he is at. She also let us know that the little boy he sits next to was just adopted so that may have added to his angst for his own adoption going so slowly. (Please pray that the wheels of the system would move a little faster, they are painstakingly slow).

A dear lady shared her journey with her son in a similar situation and will, I believe, continue to be a support to Kelly and I through to the end of this journey. (It will have an end!!!!) There were others who also gave us their support who have or are walking through similar things - we appreciate you so much.

We received a letter from Social Services confirming that there was drug and alcohol abuse during pregnancy. Not great news on one hand, but on the other, that opens up doors for resources and programs to help us overcome some of the physical effects that are influencing some of the negative behavior.

We truly felt surrounded, carried and loved throughout the day of fasting and prayer and believe that in the spiritual realm many breakthroughs happened even if the natural hasn't caught up just yet. We know that we are changed. Our minds and hearts are being transformed and so will Christopher's. There is victory over all of these things. A small victory for me was that I actually made it through a 24 hour period of fasting which I have never been able to do before because my body generally is quite disagreeable to that - but with Kelly's and the Lord's help (and some distraction with Fred coming over) I was able to weather the roughest part of the day and make it to the end.

I was really hoping that Thursday would be the end to all of the nastiness but it was not to be. Christopher has continued to have daily meltdowns but our response to them has improved dramatically. He did, however, have an excellent day at school on Friday.

Friday morning we employed some of the 'tools' that we had discovered and his tantrum was much shorter and less destructive than the previous ones. He also difused on his own without having to be restrained which was truly a victory (he usually has to be restrained to prevent him hurting himself or someone else or destroying things).

I will continue to post Christopher's progress throughout this journey for those who are sharing it with us. I'll post our progress, too, I guess it's just as much about what the Lord is showing us and developing in us as it is in freedom for Christopher. God has given us the victory in this and we bless His name.

Things to keep praying for:

1. Our other children, Josiah, Abby, Samuel and Sasha - this is a difficult time for them as well, we don't want them to feel 'left out' as so much attention goes to Christopher.

2. Continued revelation and wisdom to know how to deal with situations as they arise.

3. We found a neuroeducational development program that shows great potential for 're-programming' kids with brain injury (fetal alcohol) such as Christopher, however, there is a waiting list, it is intensive and it is costly. Pray for the resources on all fronts to access this program.

4. Continued strength and perseverance as we walk this road to the end. (The middle of perseverance is 'severe' - it's yucky in the midst of the battle).

We thank you again for your prayers and support.
Blessings to each of you!!!


Sonya said...

Wow. Yay for prayer and fasting. Yay for all of you. Yay for God. He is so faithful and good! And pray for you we will do.

Anonymous said...

Severe and persevering - you go girl.

I have spent a good portion of the last few years trying to be a blessing in place where I was totally unappreciated, I would argue even punished at times. I realised, only Saturday, that because of that experience I now have an incredible appreciation for Jer 29:11 and how God must feel sometimes. Great fruit comes from great trials.

As for your other points:

The other children will be fine you and your other half are excellent parents.

Like you guys do not constantly seek wisdom and revelation (get serious!!!) knock and the door will be opened, seek and you will find, etc. etc. you guys are probably the two most devoted individuals I know to these ideal. Too devoted sometimes, as if my opinion means anything.

As for the neuroeducational development program God has supplied for you in miraculous ways in the past I am sure he will again.

flowerlady said...


Now I'm curious, how can you be too devoted to seeking the kingdom first? And who are you anyway? My boy and I are reading Hardy boy mysteries together but my detective skills aren't that good!!

Anonymous said...

As for too devoted, on occasion you and your husband (probably more your husband) have been known to "run into traffic" while running to God. It is not entirely bad, just blind enthusiasium.

As for the other point I much prefer anonimity to publicity.

flowerlady said...

In my own humble opinion, taking responsibility for one's words is not about trying to gain pubicity, just responsible.

Nathan said...

Great stuff, Lani. I'm resonating with the story of the journeying you and yours are on. You're not alone.
Grace and peace, flora sista.

P.S. There are a good many bloggers who will delete all anonymous comments regardless of how gracious, wise, or gentle their words and insights may be. Anonymous, you may want to consider choosing an alias and extending Lani the courtesy of an email address. That would take care of the publicity aspect. Most bloggers I know are interested in facilitating dialogue and building/strengthening relationship. Secrecy is not generally appreciated. Hopefully some helpful advice. I hope to continue hearing from you... perhaps as "the one formally known as Anonymous" ;)

flowerlady said...

"flora sister" I think I like that!

Anonymous said...

I'm just a shy paranoid freak of nature