Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Fill Up My Cup

My husband and I have recently had the opportunity to get together with a small group of saints for the sole purpose of worship and intercession. The lovely couple who have brought this band together are very passionate about sitting at the feet of Jesus, gazing on His beauty, understanding His heart, getting filled up then running out to do whatever He says and running back in to get refilled (obviously because you 'leaked' all over while you were out healing the sick, raising the dead and saving the lost). I was hit between the eyes by one word today that made me stop and think about all this - EMPTY.

So often we are full and there is no one to 'leak' on or we are empty and have someone who needs their cup filled up! Too many people walking around with the label 'Christian' on their shirt are only getting filled up in the midst of other people who have 'Christian' on their shirt. There's no one to give their overflow to so it just runs out on the floor, not doing anything, wasted. Then half way through the week that 'Christian' runs into someone who really needs what they had on Sunday but, alas, it's all gone, so that poor, hungry person gets nothing.

Why does this happen? Because we aren't spending the time with our Lord (I'm preaching to myself here, too). We get caught up in doing stuff that drains out our cup and forgetting that we need to keep going back to the fountain for more. Not only that, we're not showing others where the fountain is and thus depriving them of the opportunity to get the filling up that they need. You may give them a little of yours, but it isn't enough to satisfy.

I might ruffle a few feathers with this post but that's okay. I just don't want the tank in my heart to read EMPTY again! Come fill up my cup Lord!

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Nathan said...

Yeah... but there's Manna for the moment, no? Easy as fish and bread, sis... fish and bread. Just offer what you've got. His strength in weakness shown.