Saturday, February 12, 2005

flowerlady hint #2

Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT go out in public with three pre-schoolers (4,2,1) without growing extra arms or bringing along adequate restraint!

For example:
Scene: The Chiropractor's office
Players: Mom and three pre-schooler's
Details: 4 year old has boots on and is sitting by the door to the street absent-mindedly swinging her feet. 2.5 year old has boots on and is prying open the door with a nasty gleam in his eye. 1 year old is wandering around inside the office out of mom's range of vision. Mom is trying to get on silly hiking boots that lace up as quickly as possible while trying to keep everyone in sight. As 2.5 year old opens the door she wildly exclaims, "Don't let him out!" 4 year old continues to be absentminded and swingy. 2.5 year old makes it out the door laughing gleefully on his way toward the street. Mom tears out after him one shoe off and one shoe on to finally catch up with him in the middle of the where is the 1 year old?

Just DON'T do it..........


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