Tuesday, June 14, 2005

confessions of a housewife

This is for you Sarah!! I washed my upstairs floors today. I love hardwood, I love that I can wash it and not vacuum. I hate vacuuming. My confession is that I actually washed the floor in MY bedroom. I think the last time it was washed was when we painted it and I'm NOT gonna confess how long ago that was. The rest of the floors get washed (I won't say regularly but it happens) up there cause with dogs and kids it just needs to happen. But not mine. I wonder if there is some psychological thing that happens there. It felt good to do it I must say. So lest you were thinking that I'm some perfect housewife, there ya go. I'm not. This is truly a meaningless post if ever there was one, but it's my life for today, besides doing a field trip with one of my kids, that was fun. I must contemplate a meatless supper????????????????


Anonymous said...

Thanks for "outing" me.

I guess I'll have to start all over again now that I can no longer hide behind being Rene the Rugrat

TB said...

Hey aren't I a cool kid ? :)

JV (*In search of truth Jr*)

flowerlady said...

anonymous -- where did I 'out' thee?

TB - you're in man - on the list, check it out!

carebear said...

The only reason my floor ever gets washed is cause it's Joe's job! Enjoy your clean floor...maybe you could enjoy your meatless supper on it now!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Your links, well they do not now, but I am also on a different machine.

Earlier you had everybody's blog and their given name listed beside it.

But now your links are all ath the bottom of your page