Sunday, June 19, 2005

on raising boys to be men

Obviously, to those who know me, my boys are not yet men. The oldest of the four will turn 9 next week. They are pretty boyish boys and for the most part I like it that way, except when I find them on the roof of the garage or playhouse. I'm trying hard to let them be boys but sometimes I wonder if I'm up to the task.

After this morning's worship service in which we commissioned our men to be men (the wild things they were called to be) to be warriors and all that I wondered about how to do that, exactly. We took them to the Gardiner Dam today because the spillway is open for the first time in 10 years. It was fabulous, they loved looking at all that power and wanted to get as close to it as possible. I was reading at Intent tonight and followed her links to two excellent blogs written on raising boys. So, all my friends out there who are raising boys take a look at these and let me know what you think. I know I was challenged!!

Mere Comments - Why I'm Raising Violent Four Year Olds
Wittingshire - Raising Men

If for some reason my links don't work go to Intent
and use hers.

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