Thursday, June 09, 2005

an update on the day

Well, got the poop cleaned up. That was really yucky. The house is tidied up but now we don't have to show it because the potential buyers didn't want a two-storey. Oh well, it's clean. The laundry pile diminshed to a reasonable size. That was a LOT of bedding, etc.!! Since I didn't have to go so crazy on the cleaning, getting ready to show thing I could take time to work on a project for our pre-school teacher and start a little quilt project with my girlie. That was fun. Read the same book to Sam about 15 times. Nobody's thrown up so far today, though they still aren't eating and have fevers.

Found out another friend has a blog! Visit my friend Camille at Mad and Restless

Found a great site for soup recipes!! click here.

I hope you can see the links! Anyway, the grace came through as needed. Thanks for praying, I might need some more before the day is over!

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carebear said...

God always comes through heh?
I have this little painted sign in my plant that says, "god IS faithfulness"
I find when you say, "God is always faithful" that is an oxymoron....