Tuesday, June 07, 2005

new look

My buddy at In Search of Truth made me a new and different look! Flowers, I finally have flowers! I'm excited, it doesn't take much. Now he and Sparrow at Intent
have shown me how to do the linky thing! Look I learned something new today!! I also sat down and played the piano today. Not bad for a cold and rainy day. Made bread, sewed, napped. Not a bad day at all.


CWG said...

Hey Lani
You may want to change the color of the links as they look the same. That way people can see that there is one there. Glad to see your learning the link stuff. :)

tonia/sparrow said...

I love it! I'm so happy you figured it out! A whole new world, now!

flowerlady said...

Okay, friends, I have NO IDEA how to change the color of the linky things! Why are your names not on the comments?


robin sloboda said...

I am jealous...

I want learning this new linky thing!

Lani, your site is very appealing and looks wonderful. I love the flowers.

Missed you at SWIG, perhaps next month?

Where can I learn how to do this...I am pouting. LOL