Thursday, June 09, 2005

grace needed

Need a little extra grace today. Up last night with puking kids and noisy puppies. Have cranky, whiny children at home today. Need to get the house into 'show' condition for tonight. Meeting with real estate agents. Have to decide who we're going to go with because we have to list the house on MLS tomorrow if it hasn't sold by then. Daughter just yells that there are poop stains all over her rug. How has this happened? She has it on the bottom of her shoe and she's making more mess as she goes. Heavy sigh. The laundry mountain isn't getting smaller due to the puke and night-time peeing accidents. I need help...I'm tired...discouraged.....


carebear said...

All I can say is, your not alone. I had one of those days on Monday and they do pass.
His mercies are NEW every morning and that's a promise. Our God is a God of redemption and He always seems to make us for "those days"

I will be praying for you

tonia/sparrow said...

I'm praying for you today Lani. You have a lot on your plate!