Monday, June 13, 2005

the start of consecration

Everyone is in bed, sleeping. We have had no vomitting or diarrhea now since Saturday night. Just maybe we are finally on the mend.

Today was the beginning of the fast called by Watchmen for our country. Our church is participating in it and as a family, we are participating. We've decided to give up meat, desserts and any type of junk food or candy. Who know it may be the start of something we've been wanting to do for a long time. Watchmen sent out a devotional guide especially for kids for the fast, we went through the first one after supper, it was really good.

In preparation I also discovered a couple of good websites for recipes! For soup, click here, for vegetarian info and recipes (including stuff for kids) click here!

A dear friend just called to encourage us and pray. Mmmmm, God is good. I needed that, better than chips and cookies!


sparrow said...

Thanks for doing the book meme. I love Narnia and L.M.M. too, although I haven't read the "Emily" books.

For vegetarian recipes, you might like Mollie Katzen. I use her recipes all the time. (On her website they are listed under "archives")

I love eating vegetarian. I feel so much better than I did before.

I hope your time of fasting and prayer is fruitful and refreshing.

robin sloboda said...

Lani, with being part of the prayer task force for years in Saskatoon I have heard of watchmen for the nations. Thank you for posting this site. I think I need to consider doing the same as you, no meat, candy, or desserts. My heart has been drawn into much prayer for our city especially over the last few weeks. Have you read any of Jim Golls books on intercesson? Israel and the world have been coming up as topics for much intercession these days. God is doing something very interesting. I was considering a fast this week, perfect timing.

I will check out the recipe sites.