Wednesday, June 08, 2005

counting my blessings

I am trying to practice what I preach to my kids. Don't look at what you don't have, look at what you DO have. I must confess that I have been looking very much at what I DON'T have...namely a buyer for our house and some finances to get through summer camp, an upcoming wedding and a few other things. So, here are some of the many blessings that I have......

1. A wonderful Saviour is Jesus my Lord, a wonderful Saviour to me........
2. I am blessed to be able to worship with my godly husband in harmony this morning
3. I am blessed with gifts and abilities that allow me to express creativity in many forms.
4. I have five children that are a joy to my heart.
5. I am blessed to be at home being a keeper of the hearth.
6. I am blessed with a warm supporting family, both blood relatives and spiritual family.
7. I have a wonderful, warm, comfortable home that should we have been completely delusional and God doesn't really want us to move I will continue to be completely content in.
8. I have running water, electricity and heat.
9. I planted a garden with my mother-in-law on Monday and actually enjoyed it!!
10. We have all the big repairs on the house done, including the kitchen roof, which we got done BEFORE the rain started!
11. I have friends who teach me how to do HTML stuff on my blog and find me pretty flowers!
12. Did I mention that I have a wonderful saviour.

Go on, I dare you to count your blessings with me today. Let's change our hearts and our attitudes and be thankful, in spite of the cool, rainy weather. Which I think calls for roasting a chicken and making an apple pie. Anyone want to come for supper? First one in can come on over!

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robin sloboda said...

Okay, I just spent the last 20 minutes writting down 12 blessings and they just disappeared!

I am blessed because I know God knows my heart and showers down mercy when I am overwhelmed. Thank you God for loving me first.

Later, maybe I will post the twelve.