Thursday, July 13, 2006

fresh flowers for July 14

Committment - The Up Side
copyright 2006, lani wiens
a fresh flowers original

Seems to me that the only committment people aren't too scared to try is a new hair colour and for some even that is pushing it. I thought it might be a good idea to talk about the positive side of committment. Especially since I just made a committment to myself and to my friend. It isn't a big committment in the grand scheme of things but for me, personally, it will most likely pay off big time if I keep my committment.

I, Lani Wiens, have committed to exercise, can you imagine, yet another thing most of us aren't really very eager to sign up for. I know it isn't earth shattering but it's big for me. My dear friend forced herself into my living room, pilates CD in hand and made me go through this thing (very gently and lovingly of course). She told me I should commit to at least twice a week and then work my way up to a bigger committment. However, I know myself, if I don't stick that 20 minute workout into my daily routine it will not happen at all! So far, so good, it's been four whole days that I've managed to do it. My stomach muscles aren't sure what hit them. My foot that's been sore since I had Elizabeth is noticeably improved. Tada! There is the moral of this story.

Commitment can pay off long term (I may have stomach muscles that work again one day) and have immediate - my foot, (though possibly painful - did I mention my stomach muscles) good effects at the same time. Committment takes work. There's no way to make that any prettier. That CD won't do me an ounce of good unless I get down on the floor and do the work. I can live with it for as long as I want. I can even listen to it or watch my daughter do it (who needs no help with her stomach muscles) and it still won't have any lasting effect on me. I must jump in and do the work in order to enjoy the payoff.

Committment in my marriage is the same way. It can be painful at times. It takes work to make something of this relationship. But the truth is, God brought my husband and I together for a purpose that is beyond ourselves. At the risk of sounding egotistical, He has made us a gift to the world (the same is true for you). If we renege on our committment the extent of that will never be realized. If we stick with our committment we will be a blessing to our children, they will learn what it means to be committed and will most likely become committed people. The world will be a better place by six more committed people. That's a pretty good dividend and incentive for us.

Committment to the spiritual family I am a part of works the same way. The gifts that God has placed in me will never be fully realized if I am not fully known by the spiritual family that I adhere to. To be fully known takes committment to live in that community no matter what. There was a time when we left that community, we broke that committment and we can still feel the effects of it many years later. By the same token, as we get to know others we can help them realize their giftings and callings. We grow community through committment.

Committment is a good thing. Sure it's scary and there's some hard work involved but it's worth it. If you're still not convinced look at the ultimate long term perspective of God's committment to you and I personally. His committment to us allows us to continue breathing and blinking. His committment came at great personal sacrifice (most do). His committment to us will ensure that there is something for us beyond the grave. His committment to saving as many as possible keeps Him from judging us all right this second and gives us a chance to get some things right.

Like I said, committment is a good thing. Let it grow in your garden. Cultivate it and you will reap a good reward.


Let Grace Rain Down said...

Umm like totally awesome blog, flower lady! Loved it, and reminded myself of lots of b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l things. Reap what you sow, concept.


Loni said...

Thank you for sharing about your son on my blog. I am thankful you can rejoice along with us that our children have survived this! :)

This is an excellent post on committment. Thank you for sharing this. I have just checked out some things from the library on Pilates. It's the commitment part now . . .

Tanya Nichols said...

YIKES hehehe
i have to eat to eat NO to lo sugar all the time extremely difficult to do... but it is commiting to your health in a way that would please not only my family (mood swings hehe) but also a father who loves me and has given me an answer to prayer...
Thank you for the reminder
Much Love In Him,

Princess Warrior said...

I am so glad you are commited to our spiritual family. Yay for exercise!

Sonya said...

Hey, I'm proud of you Lani. I too, have committed myself to core strength training (until I'm unable). Ooo, that reminds me...I haven't done mine yet today...

You are going to love what happens with your body...the way it looks, feels and you continue to incorporate exercise into your life.

And you are going to be so thankful for your friend!