Monday, July 31, 2006

fresh flowers for July 31

copyright 2006, lani wiens
a fresh flowers original

Here we are down on the farm. I am perfecting my two finger wave and getting used to continuous gravel road driving again. In our little town most everyone seems to know who I am because of my husband and his family. I, however, at am a loss as to remember who everyone else is. Perhaps by the end of my time here, I'll have them all nailed down.

We have been in a season of preparation for most of the month of July.
  • our home for hospitality
  • our hearts, to better nurture and respond to our children
  • my brain for writing an article
  • moving out to the farm for a month
  • getting business stuff ready for fall
  • working out our financial picture for the next few months
  • music for a video
  • my body for life in general
  • fruit for the winter (canning)
  • chickens and beef
  • vegetables (freezing and canning)
  • jam

There's probably more but I can't think of anymore right now. I feel very in tune with all the little ants that have crossed my floors this summer. One day when I was particularly tired and taking a break on the couch I watched a lone ant carry a tremendous load across my living room floor. It was fascinating. That load was at least twice as big as the ant. It was slow going but that little ant persevered. I hope he got where he was heading.

Sometimes I feel like that little ant, carrying a load that is so huge I can hardly see around it. I meander across the path, unable to see where I am going, losing my way and taking much longer than a straight, clear path would afford. The good news for today is that we have it better than the ants!! Yes sir, we have a God who said He'd carry the burden for us. Isn't that grand?

This God of ours also told us to prepare. We must prepare for His coming, storing up treasure inHeaven for that glorious day when He comes for His bride. Prepare people, store up good things, get your hearts ready. REPENT (there's always something to repent of it seems)!!

This flower is taking on the characteristics of a meandering path. Methinks I'm too tired to write conherently. So I'll leave you with what's there so far and call it a day.

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Nin said...

I have so been that ant. My brain is so scattered these days, I can't seem to keep track of where I'm going, when and how. All I knos is there's a heck of a lot to do in a short period of time. THANK GOD He carries my burdens. Otherwise I'd be crippled from the weight.
(you're making a music video?)